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Source£ºDeyangNewsNetwork    Updated£º2020-11-28 01:50:48


¡¡¡¡LyrArc Article Gist

¡¡¡¡As the  Afghanistan conflict has receded into the background in  American minds and the U.S. has become more careful to avoid  foreign entanglements, 80 warring factions including the  Taliban and the government in Kabul are meeting for talks  in Doha, in Gulf state of Qatar. The effort is designed to settle the dispute and settle on an Islamic legal system for anew post war country that bases itself on Islamic values, yet ensures women's rights within the framework of Islamic values. There is an explicit urgency to shed some of the bitterness and the scars from the war once and for all.

¡¡¡¡Germany's migration crisis was made worse by economic migration from Afghanistan and North Africa in addition to the migration from war torn areas. Germany is now hosting these meetings along with Qatar, understanding the effects of such conflicts reach well beyond distant lands.


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