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The headline of this article is a word play on the title of a  book written by Mark Twain. He is one of the most famous American writers.  Twain wrote ¡°Tom Sawyer¡± and ¡°Huckleberry  Finn.¡± He also wrote ¡°A Tramp Abroad¡± about his travels.  President Trump is abroad. It is his first foreign trip as president. He is going to Israel, Italy, and Belgium. This article is about Saudi Arabia, his first stop. Saudi  Arabia  is the capital of Islamic terrorism. Most of the men who flew the planes into New York City¡¯s World Trade Center on  September 11, 2001, came from there.  Saudi  Arabia¡¯s Wahhabi movement  preaches a strict form of Islam. It is fertile ground for terrorist thinking. Saudi Arabia is a longtime ally of the United States.  For years, it was the source of the fuel  that  many Americans used to heat their homes and power their  cars. Saudi Arabia is the home of the Sunni sect of  the Muslim  religion. Some Sunnis are members of ISIS.  Today Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Iran. Iran is the home of the Shia sect. The Sunni sect and the Shia sect are enemies. Global  religion and politics are in play. Trump seems to want to go with Saudi Arabia. He prefers that to improving relations with Iran. Given  this,  what does the ¡°orb¡±  represent? The orb  is in the new?Saudi Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. It is a setting filled with computer terminals. There is a wall of monitors.  They display feeds  from  news networks. One  person said it looked like a game-show set. Another  said it was a TV idea of a counterterrorism operations control room. ¡¡ ¡¡The photo of the leaders touching the orb went viral. Some said it might have come from the bridge of a  science-fiction starship. A light glowed from the floor below. It  was  dramatic. One person said it looked like the Bajoran Orb of Time. This is a mythical object  from the ¡°Star Wars¡± universe. Another  said it was a Palant¨ªr from ¡°The Lord of  the Rings.¡±  There were other suggestions from the world of Marvel comics. When the leaders touched it, lights, music, and a video appeared. The  screens  glowed with  displays and videos  about fighting terrorism. The music seemed to come from TV reality show elimination round. No one knows what the Global Center will do.  It was clear that everyone enjoyed  the  opening of the center. Source: The New York Times May 22,  201 7 )

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