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In 2003, the United States Supreme Court said colleges could use the race of an applicant in deciding who gets into the school. The policy is known as affirmative action. Last week, the Court heard a repeat of the  2003 case. An applicant to the University of Texas brought the case. She said the school turned her down because she is white. Each year the University of Texas admits the top ten percent of Texas high school graduates. They will be 75 percent of the school¡¯s entering class. Since many high schools have a high enrollment of minority students, this policy makes sure   that  many  black and   Hispanic students  will get into the   university. However,  the university includes race as a factor in admitting  the remaining 25 percent  of its freshman class. Four  judges on  the Supreme Court are known as conservatives. They are likely to vote against using  affirmative action in making decisions about acceptance. Four judges are known as liberals. They are likely to support affirmative action. One judge, Anthony Kennedy, is known as the ¡°swing judge¡± since it is not easy to know how he will decide a case. One of the liberal judges, Elena Kagan, is sitting out the case because she worked on the case for the Obama administration, which is defending the school. The big question was why does Texas use race as a factor when its admissions policy already guarantees that a large number of minorities will be accepted? There   was   no simple   answer. In   seeking diversity,  the school said it  looked for a wide range of qualities in applicants. It  was not clear when race might be  used as the deciding factor in admission. ¡¡ ¡¡The Court will decide by next June. The Christian Science Monitor )

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